September 8, 2016

Bye For Good

Thanks for reading my words all this time.

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February 9, 2016

A necklace to keep

I know Anna Saccone from when she was “just” TheStyleDiet. We’ve been chatting and swapping makeup goodies for a while and let me say: she’s as nice and down to earth now as she was then.
She now has (along with her hubby Jonathan, her daughter Emilia and her son Eduardo) one of the most successful vlogging channels on Youtube and it’s totally deserved. The SacconeJoly’s are the best. I watch them on a daily basis and they never fail on entertaining (I mean, they have the cutest and smartest kids ever appeared on camera!).
A few months back Anna announced a collaboration with Stilnest for some jewelry and I was really excited. As you may know, I absolutely love jewelry and it’s always part of my look.
Here’s the story behind the pieces she made with Stilnest as told by Anna:
“Unfortunately I can’t tell you where it’s from because it belonged to my dad before me and I inherited it from him. He was a Scorpio too, I was actually born the day before his birthday… I was his birthday present!” 

As a 100% Italian, let me say that gold jewelry is part of our tradition. I’m sure 99% of Italians would tell you they have at least one piece of real gold jewelry gifted to them for a special occasion by some family member. In Italy we say “ti regalo qualcosa che ti rimane” which can be translated as “I give you something you can keep forever”. It’s an old fashioned tradition but I think it’s really romantic.

When I saw the beautiful delicate and dainty Zodiac necklace inspired by Anna’s dad, I felt in love and I knew I’d buy it.
The necklace comes with all Zodiac signs and 3 different versions: silver, gold and rose gold. All necklaces are made of real 925 silver and they slightly change in price depending on the finish. They’re not H&M prices but I’m used to good quality jewelry (Fashionology and RegalRose are my favorite jewelry shops, but I’ll talk about this in another post) and I personally don’t mind spending on jewelry I can wear for years everyday without worrying of turning into Hulk.
There’s 3 lengths (45, 60 or 80 cm) for the necklace itself that is made out of a really delicate chain. I went for the medium length because I wanted to be able to layer it with other pieces (as you may see in the shameless selfie I paired with my everyday gold necklace I got when I was born).
Each Zodiac sign is represented in the medal (which has a 2 cm diameter) along with 2 stars and the symbol), mine is Cancer. The base of the medal is brushed and mat while the sign and symbols are shiny.

The necklace comes in about 2 weeks (each piece is made by order) in a lovely black box along with a card with a sweet photo of Anna and her dad.

My judgement is absolutely positive and not because I know Anna but because the piece is exquisite (I got so many compliments on it!). Also my mom wanted one with her sign so now we're necklace twinsies!

Do you like my Zodiac necklace? Let me know about your latest jewelry purchases in the comments!

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February 1, 2016

How to look pretty everyday!

You know how much I love makeup. I have a drawer full of products and browsing on Sephora website is a huge temptation for my wallet.
However, I was able to pack all my face makeup in one single magnetic palette. Wendy from BeautyAddict inspired me to show you my very own everyday face palette.
I owned a small Z Palette before but it was really butchered due to continuos use for several years.
A few months ago I bought a new bigger magnetic palette from Mulac (warning: this is not a sponsored post - unfortunately - I just truly adore Mulac), an Italian brand owned by one of the most famous Italian Youtuber, LaCindina.

This palette contains all I need to do my makeup, every day and every night. Let’s see more in detail what’s inside. From left to right, here’s the gems:
- Mulac “Gleam” cream highlighter: a creamy and subtle highlighter. It looks like AB on your skin
- Mulac “Artemide” cream bronzer: this is really pigmented and really dark. I use a tiny bit as a base for powder
- Mulac “Flare” cream highlighter: this is my favorite highlighter. Slightly goldish, really luminous.
- Fashionista blush: I saw Kylie Jenner using a mauve blush once and I have to say it looks really good if you do a bit of highlighting/contouring
- Mulac “Royal Addicted”: a really luminous eyeshadow. This one is not as good as the others in terms of consistency and ease of use. It’s a bit “patchy”
- Mulac “Burn Addicted”: this color is stunning on green or hazel eyes. I use a tiny bit of it under my eyeliner to intensify the eyes
- Mulac “Toast Addicted”: a really interesting orange nude. I would say it reminds me of classic Sophia Loren eye makeup
- Mulac “Ink Addicted”: one of the best black eyeshadows ever owned. I use it as liner or base for liquid eyeliner. Really really pigmented
- Mulac “Morfeo” powder bronzer: this is the darkest of the two I have and it’s my favorite. Super mat and not orange on the skin
- Mulac “Ipno” powder bronzer: the lightest they have. It’s amazing for super fair skin.
- Urban Decay “Naked”: possibly my most used eyeshadow ever. I use it every single day as a base for my liner
- SMH “bee's knees”: this shadows are super pigmented and creamy. I rarely use this color but it's a really pretty touch of light
- SMH “Icon”: the perfect medium brown mat. I use it as base for the liquid liner when I want a softer look
- SMH “champagne”. a perfect dupe for MAC Shroom. i use this also as face highlighter sometimes

As you can see, I severely hit pan on a lot of products. Don't worry, I have backups ready in my drawers!

And that is all, my friends.
What’s on your face everyday? Let me know in the comments!

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January 25, 2016

Contouring like a Kardashian

I'm back to my blog with an haul/review of a product I randomly find in the web. Here's the story. I was watching Charlotte Crosby's (yes, the Geordie Shore one, she's hilarious) Get Ready With Me video and I noticed she was using a really yummy contour palette.
I immediately went to the comments and I noticed other people eyed the palette and finally, comments after comments, someone said: "it's a Contour Cosmetics palette!".

I went to their website ( and found the palette in a blink of an eye.
The company is focused on contour products. Little selection but great stuff.
There's 2 versions of the palette: the original and the number 2. The difference is just in colors (the "2" is a bit colder). I read online and a lot of people said they preferred the original anyway so I went and got my Contour Cosmetics baby.

The palette came in a week more or less. It was perfectly packaged in customized paper.
It's made of cardboard (never had a cardboard palette so I'm not sure how it will work) and completely white.
Inside the palette there's a protective clear sheet.
The product is wonderful: creamy but not greasy and super pigmented. Once you use it on the skin it turns matte and almost silky.
The pigmentation is stunning and yes, probably the Original has a bit warmer colors but still really suitable for all skin tones (I'm more of a cold girl). Swatches you see below are one swipe!

The price is...a bit of a downside. I got it during Christmas deals with 20 or 30% discount but the standard price is 42£. For the 6 cream products you have in there it's not super expensive (you pay 7£ per color) but still, if you're not into contour and highlight it's a bit pricey.

Overall, I rate this product a 4.5 out of 5. 

UPDATE: 20% discount until Jan 30 on the website with code JANUARYBLUES20

Would you be interested into buying this? Let me know in the comments!

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December 31, 2015

What I got for Christmas 2015 and Goodbye 2015!

Lucky as I am, I was ill during all Holidays. Good news is I haven't gained any weight and I got super amazing gifts. 
I've been so lucky with all my Santas this year, I loved every single piece. Today for the last post of 2015 I'll share with you some of my favorites. If you wanna see more or know more about some of these gems, links and info are below!

Zara quilted clutch 
Art deco coloring book
Yankee Candle "Cranberry pear" car jar
Acqua dell'Elba Blue perfume
Pink flamingo pen
Black weekly agenda
Calzedonia black ankle socks with pearls
Kiko lipstick and nail polish set
Wjcon liquid lipstick "Rosa Polvere"
White Classics Reebok
What was your favorite gift received this year? I wanna know!

As last post of this year, let me wish a joyous night and end of this (awful) 2015 and a happy new beginning for life to come!

Love you all!
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December 17, 2015

Smell like...a unique spirit!

One thing I don't really understand about human being is how they choose their perfumes. What we all do is being carried away by "on trend" and end up buying the same scents. Billions of people smelling the same. I don't really get it.
I like perfumes to be like a signature. I adore when someone recognize you just by the scent you leave in the air. It's exciting, isn't it?
So, today I'll share with you three of my precious perfume discoveries. Quite unusual but really really nice.
And, as we all know, perfumes are one of the Christmas bestsellers so all boyfriends out there get inspiration from there.
Acqua dell'Elba "Blue"
I've recently discovered this scent. L'isola d'Elba is a tiny island in the Tirrenean Sea part of Tuscany, Italy. This brand comes from there and their ultimate goal is to capture the magic of the sea in a bottle. Well, they did with this perfume. I'll leave the description to them since I'm not very good at describing scents: "This has the elegance, the intensity and the immensity of the sea captured in a fresh, sensual harmony.
It is the perfume of the deepest intimacy, of self perception,of the soul, of harmony and refinement.
A feminine harmony:
It has been created with the notes of:
fig, jasmine, helichrysium and mandarin,
water-lily, anthemis and marine cistus,
fig-wood, cedarwood and Phoenicean Juniper."
If you like fresh, sparkly and feminine scents, you'll adore this. Prices are really friendly.

Elie Saab "Le Parfum"
This is my actual signature scent. I've had so many compliments by boys on this, I was quite surprised. I'd describe it as a classic but fresh perfume. It's the type of perfume I think you, your grandma and your mom all love. And again, here's the description: "Like an Haute Couture dress cut in a precioud fabric, the Eau de Parfum celebrates the splendour and radiance of a glowing femininity. The bottle, a true jewel of glass and light, infinitely reflects the honeyed-gold nuances of the perfume.
Fragrance Style
Fragrance Note
Top note: Orange blossom
Middle note: Jasmine absolute, a legendary flower in perfumery, imparting voluptuousness and elegance to the fragrance"
This one is not really purse friendly but still on average designer scent cost.

Elisabeth and James "Nirvana White"
This might be a bestseller oversea but here in Europe is not really well known. I got it when I was in NY because I sniffed a roller and felt in love. Plus, every fashion girl of this planet would love to steal perfume from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (owners of the brand). Here's how Sephora describes it: "Elizabeth and James Nirvana White is a captivating blend of delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication. 
Launched in 2007, Elizabeth and James embodies the duality of sophistication and feminine detail balanced with downtown edge and masculine tailoring. The fashion brand's contemporary-yet-timeless aesthetic offers the modern girl clothing and accessories that make stylish everyday dressing effortless. 
Ashley and Mary-Kate wanted the signature fragrance for Elizabeth and James to embody the same sense of duality inherent to their partnership and the brand. The result was not one, but two blends—distinctly different, but undeniably connected. 
Peony, Muguet, Tender Musk. 
Sophisticated. Feminine. Captivating."
Quite expensive but you can always do like me and opt for the lovely roller to throw in your bag for any occasion!

I've found out reading the notes of all these that I'm quite a floral girl. I adore Jasmin and citrus fruits. One thing I know is I hate powdery and really strong scents.

What's your signature perfume? Let me know in the comments!

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December 15, 2015

Fashion Lookbook: Vegas Weekend

Since the "Hangover" rocked our lives, we all want to live a fantabulous weekend Las Vegas Hotels (maybe minus the lost friend and the Chinese mafia).

In today's post I put together a lookbook for a weekend in the amazing Bellagio. I want all of you, queens of amazing outfits, to be unbelievably on fleek from morning till noon!

You can check below my personal lookbook. 

We'll start with a morning relax at the pool to enhance our tan and sip from a fruity cocktail.  Black and edgy is my vibe.
In the afternoon we'll attend a wedding at the Chapel. What is Vegas without a wedding? I incorporated one of the Pantone colors of the year (baby blue) in a super flirty and romantic look.
And finally, we can have drink and get the party started at The Bank nightclub! Sequins, glitter and gold: I thought they were all must have for Vegas.

My own idea of perfect Las Vegas fashion involves fun, statement pieces but still a touch of elegance. For me Vegas means bold and bubbly. And if it's true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, the same is not applied to outfits. 

Feel free to mix, match and wear these looks wherever you are!

In the meanwhile, I'll get my passport ready to live the dream in Bellagio!

What was your favorite piece?

Triangl black bikini
Dior So Real sunglasses
Melissa x Jason Wu Artemis sandals
Elisabeth Reine necklace
Pucci crochet maxi black dress

Needle & Thread dress
Nars Vera lipstick
Louboutin Pigalle 
Lulu Guinnes clutch
Jennifer Behr Natalia headband

True Decadence dress
Sam Edelman Kourtney boots
Maison Margiela rings
Eyelure Party false lashes
Louboutin lipstick Youpiyou

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December 8, 2015

The heels you need for the Holidays

You know me, shoes and I are living a longtime perfectly happy relationship. Everytime I feel bad, only a new pair of shoes can cheer me up (not only that, but whatever!), also Paolo Nutini says so. And when a hot talented dude says it in a song it has to be true. 
In today's post we'll go through all the fabulous heels I have in my Asos wishlist to impress during these Holidays. 

1. Asos Heartbreak Hotel Lace-up Heeled Sandals aka The Little Black Shoe: black works good on heels as it does on little dresses. These shoe are the testament of all this year's heel trend: laces, high stiletto heels and strappy sandals. I adore these shoes that I find perfect all year round (and not just during Holidays).

2. Glamorous Red Ghillie Heeled Pom Pom Sandals aka Lady Christmas: red + furry pompoms? These heels are perfect for Christmas. They sligthly remind me of the gorgeous Aquazzurra sandals Olivia Palermo is always rocking. They're girly and fun. Plus they're really economic!

3. ASOS PRINCIPAL Lace Up Pointed Heels aka The Fairytale shoes: I like laces, I know. But these marvelous heels have an encrusted heel full of glitzy pearls and sequins creating flowers in the back of the shoe. Imaging walking in a room with these babies on. You will be the Princess of the party.

4. ASOS PIXIE Pointed High Heels aka Look at me!: there's nothing I love more than glitter from November 30th to January 7th. I have another pair of Pixie heels and they're so nice and feminine. They look really good on. And the silver glitter...I think they somehow remind me of Cinderella. Don't lose your shoe at careful!

Which are your favorite ones? Let me know in the comments. And if you have more to share...come join the party!
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November 30, 2015

NBL - 30: What I learnt with the blog challenge + Giveaway

Day 30: The ups and downs from this month. +A short review on how this monthly challenge went.

The blog challenge is about to finish. I managed to reach the end with just 2 little debacle.
this blog challenge was exciting. At the beginning of this I thought I would never be able to complete it, but I did. Once more I proved myself wrong.

If you wanna do something, you will. 

With this challenge I learnt that I can be a consistent blogger. I can blog once a week providing nice content to my readers and keeping them active and engaged.
I learnt that blogging takes time but you can keep it a nice hobby and not a fatiguing job.
But above all, I found some amazing fellow bloggers to read and follow. So let me share some love:

To thank all my lovely new subbies and readers I've decided to do a little giveaway featuring some of my favorites: Regal Rose, Fashionology and more.

Some of the Goodies you'll get!

Claudia Over The Rainbow Giveaway

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November 28, 2015

NBL - 28: Last pic I took

The last pic I took is linked to something I told you on day 7 and maybe something I’ll share with you on last day of this blog challenge. 
Yesterday I snapped this photo to post on my Instagram to thank Regal Rose for my goody bag. Back at the beginning of November I won the monthly contest Regal Rose do on social media so they sent me for free a bag full of goodies. I’m a huge Regal fan, I have tons of their rings and necklaces. 
You cannot understand my excitement in receiving yesterday a little box with 6 items pretty packed in white paper and small roses. 
I never win at anything (I least I say so) so I can’t describe the random happiness in winning something from a brand I truly love.
I may feature Regal Rose on a post on my favorite jewelry. It would be cool to read, right?

PS. I’m thinking about a little giveaway at the end of this November Blog Challenge to thank all my lovely new readers and friends. So if you like this blog, subscribe and don’t miss it!

L’ultima foto scattata è legata a qualcosa detto al giorno 7 e forse a qualcosa che condividerò con voi nell’ultimo giorno di questa challenge.
Ieri ho scattato questa foto per postarla nel mio Instagram e ringraziare Regal Rose per la mia goody bag. All’inizio del mese ho vinto il contest Regal Rose sui social media quindi mi hanno inviato una busta piena di sorprese. Sono una grandissima fan Regal Rose, ho decine di anelli e collane loro.
Non potete capire l’emozione nel ricevere ieri una piccola scatola con 6 oggetti perfettamente custoditi in una velina bianca e piccole rose essiccate.
Non vinco mai nulla (o così dico io) quindi non riesco a descrivere la gioia random nel vincere qualcosa di un brand che adoro davvero.
Forse includere Regal Rose in un post su i miei gioielli preferiti. Che dite?

PS. Sto pensando di organizzare un piccolo giveaway alla fine di questa November Blog Challenge per ringraziare tutti i miei nuovi lettori. Quindi se vi piace questo blog, non perdetevelo e iscrivetevi!

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November 27, 2015

NBL - 26: OCD habits

You don’t really know you have OCD habits until you go to work and your colleagues make fun of your weird behavior.

1. I’m a recycle freak: I cannot stand people wasting paper or throwing plastic bottles in the bin. So I personally organized a recycling bin for paper and what I call “Plastic aquarius”: an unused aquarius where we can throw away plastic bottles.

2. When I’m in a car and have to seat in the backseat, I always and only stay in the right seat. 

3. I love mandarins but I don’t eat them often because I can’t stand the smell of them in my hands. I have to wash them tons to take the smell away. 

4. I keep jewelry well stored and divided by style. Don’t try to mix my long and short necklaces or my rings and earrings!

5. I always have lip balm with me and I apply it continuously (even if I’m just watching TV). 

What’s your funniest and weirdest habit?

Non sai di avere comportamenti patologici finché i tuoi colleghi di lavoro non iniziano a riderci sopra. 

1. Sono una malata del riciclo: non sopporto la gente che butta via la carta o getta le bottiglie di plastica nel cestino standard. Quindi ho personalmente creato un cestino di riciclo carta e quello che chiamo “Acquario di plastica”, un acquario in disuso dove al lavoro buttiamo tutte le bottiglie di plastica. 

2. Quando sono in auto e mi devo sedere dietro, mi siedo sempre e solo nel posto a destra.

3. Adoro i mandarini ma non li mangio spesso perché non sopporto l’odore che lasciano sulle mani. Dovrei poi stare a lavarmi le mani per ore per mandare via l’odore.

4. Tengo i miei gioielli ben divisi per stile. Non vi azzardate a mischiare le mie collane lunghe con quelle corte o i miei anelli con gli orecchini!

5. Ho sempre un burrocacao con me e lo applico in continuazione (anche se sto solo guardando la TV).

Quali sono le vostre abitudini più strane e divertenti?

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November 26, 2015

NBL - 26: A letter to someone

Oh God. I’m so good and bad with letters. I wrote dozens but the majority of them never reached destination. Ever happened to you?
Writing letters is for me the highest form of love. It may be vintage but it’s so nice receiving letters because the good feeling you have when reading them can be saved in a drawer and took it back when needed. Today I have to write a letter to someone and I thought I’d write one to the person I’d never wrote before: myself.

Dear Claudia,
we’ve been known each other for ages but I’m not really sure I truly know you. Sometimes I don’t understand you but I appreciate your willingness to fix situations and admit wrong.
You’re complicated, my dear. Sometimes (a lot of times) you’re your own problem and your own limit. You should be braver because the comfort zone may not always be the best zone. Time flies and no, I don’t believe there’s a time limit to do things but the sooner you’ll do them, the better it’ll be.
Time cannot be frozen and things, people, places change anyway so don’t be scared to be the cause of change. You cannot stop life.
Stop leaving things unsaid or incomplete. It’s not sure you’ll have time to complete them tomorrow.
Never take people for granted. Same for accomplishment. They just come with hard work and commitment.
Life is about challenges. Good life has to be earned. And remember “God only helps those who learnt to help themselves”.

Sono brava e pessima con le lettere. Ne ho scritte a dozzine ma la maggior parte non hanno mai visto il destinatario. Vi è mai capitato?
Scrivere lettere è per le il più alto gesto d’amore. Può sembrare vintage ma è bellissimo ricevere lettere perchè quella bella sensazione che vi regalano la potete conservare in un cassetto e riprenderla quando necessario. Oggi devo scrivere una lettera a qualcuno e ho pensato di scriverla ad una persona a cui non ho mai scritto prima: me stessa.

Cara Claudia,ci conosciamo da sempre ma non sono molto convinta di conoscerti veramente. Qualche volta non ti capisco ma apprezzo la tua volontà di aggiustare le situazioni e riconoscere la colpa.Sei complicata, mia cara. A volte (molte volte) sei tu il tuo stesso problema e il tuo stesso limite. Dovresti essere più coraggiosa perché la comfort zone non è sempre la zona migliore. Il tempo passa e no, non credo ci sia un limite temporale per fare le cose ma prima le fai, più le apprezzerai.Il tempo non può essere congelato e le cose, le persone e i posti cambiano comunque quindi non aver paura di essere la causa del cambiamento. La vita non può essere fermata.Smetti di lasciare le cose non dette o incomplete. Non è creo che avrai tempo domani per completarle.Non dare le persone per scontato. Lo stesso vale per i traguardi. Arrivano solo con il lavoro e l’impegno.La vita è fatta di sfide. La bella vita deve essere guadagnata. E ricorda “Dio aiuta solo quelli che hanno imparato ad aiutarsi da soli”.Con affetto,Claudia

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November 25, 2015

NBL - 25: an old photo of me

I’ve been a little bit of a diva since I was born. My grandpa used to love photography but let’s say it was more passion than talent there. I obviously was his favorite subject and I’ve always loved posing in front of the camera. When I was born I was gifted with a photo album where I collect all my favorite picture from day of birth to 2006.
In this pic you can admire my early 90’s Sunday look. I was 2 in this pic and as you can see I was proudly posing with my hat and pout. Roses you see in the background were cultivated by my grandma who also was called Rosa. No filter used and no filter needed. 
What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Sono sempre stata una piccola diva. Mio nonno adorava la fotografia ma diciamo che c’era più passione che talento. Io ero ovviamente il suo soggetto preferito e ho sempre amato posare davanti all’obiettivo. Quando sono nata mi è stato regalato un album in cui ho raccolto tutte le mie foto preferite dalla nascita al 2006.
In questa foto potete ammirare il mio look anni ’90 della domenica. Avevo 2 anni in questa foto e potete vedere come posavo orgogliosamente con il mio cappello e il mio broncio. Le rose nello sfondo le coltivava mia nonna, che si chiamava Rosa. Nessun filtro usato e nessun filtro necessario.
Qual è il vostro ricordo d’infanzia preferito?

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