April 20, 2013

All the truths about Acne

Your skin is your personal business card, I've learnt it myself. When your skin looks bad, you feel insicure and down. One of the worst skin enemies is acne. Half of the world population suffers or has been suffering from acne. It is something that involves both normal people and celebrities of any age and sex. Victoria Beckham (shown below) is one of the most known celebrities fighting acne, along with other Very Important People as Cameron Diaz, Scarlet Johanson or Jessica Simpson. This proves one of the biggest myths on acne wrong: acne is not an exclusive of teenagers, but it's something you can find also in grown up women and men. That's just one of the innumerable myths on this skin illness, but there's tons. If you're curious and you want to know more I suggest you to read this article (CLICK HERE), you'll find some unbelievable truths on the subject!

 I'm not a big fan of pills to cure acne but it's for sure one of the most effective solutions. Unfortunately when we're treated with hormones, we have to be careful. One of the most used pills used to cure acne, Diane-35, is now out of market because it was linked to four deaths in France (if you want to know more click here). When we decide to start using pills to cure this illness we have to discuss it very good with our doctor, opting for the best solution for our situation. That's something that I always say: you have to understand what you have to deal with and which results you want to get. That's Step 1 for any cure.

The good news is that there are also other remedies to treat this horrible enemy, as the modern laser, and some natural food and ingredients can help your skin to get better. For example, did you know that tomatoes are really good to treat scars? Or did you know that you can try an aspirin mask to renovate your skin? Want some more? You can find them HERE. I truly believe in the power of natural remedies plus you don't have to be afraid using them because they're all perfectly eatable and healthy! 

But what to do when you have a date and a pimple suddenly appears in your face? Well, don't panic. There's at least 10 things in your kitchen that you can use to make it disappear. Lemon juice, with its Vitamin C, helps the pimple to dry faster, same thing for garlic which is great not just for vampires! My personal favourite and most used remedy is toothpaste. You just have to apply a tiny amount over the pimple and it will dry out in 10 minutes. These are just three of the ten homemade remedies you can use to kill your pimples and they're easy as drinking a glass of water. Next time I'll have to deal with a pimple I'm gonna try papaya!


Well, this was a quick overview over acne. I hope this was useful enough and that I gave you some new info on this terrible enemy. I personally found some really interesting facts in the articles I linked and I hope some of them are going to be helpful for you too. Let's fight acne together!


  1. che tormento l'acne!
    secondo me incide molto anche lo stato emotivo... io comunque il più grande miglioramento l'ho ottenuto quando ho cambiato alimentazione!

  2. Correct washing of the skin will eliminate oils and bacteria that can cause acne. However, when you already have serious acne breakouts, washing alone likely will not make it go away. Frequent and harsh washing can even make it worse.
    There special anti-bacteria soaps designed for people suffering from acne. These soaps can help target the bacteria which may be causing the acne breakout.



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