November 14, 2015

NBL - 14: Spotify playlist

I have a proud Spotify Premium account and a few playlists. My bigger and favorite one is for sure "iClaudia", me and my ego soundtrack. Let's briefly see what are the first 10 random tunes that pop out of that (click on the titles to listen to them):

  1. Sweet home Alabama: some old goodie tune. I love '60s/'70s classic rock and this tune comes exactly out of that. If you don't know the song, you're missing something good. And probably your parents (and even grandparents) will enjoy listening too.
  2. I'm a mess: big Ed Sheeran fan here. And yes, I feel like a mess more than some time. 
  3. Bailando por ahi: trashy warning. This tune is one of those Latina songs you cannot stop dancing. Brings back memories of a Palma holiday. Good old time
  4. I'm not calling you a liar: Florence and the machine are one of those bands you cannot skip in your playlist. I think this one I heard for the first time in Grey's Anatomy. Big fan here. Their music choices are just the best. 
  5. Hearts a mess: this is a not so very well known Gotye song featured in one of my favorite movies, The Great Gatsby. I love this song for when I'm a little blue. It's a great song. 
  6. West Coast: Lana Del Ray is one of my favorite artists to listen to. No, this is not my favorite song of her but still quite good. I have it here because I heard it covered in the X-Factor and it made me wanna have it in my playlist.
  7. It's not my fault I'm happy: I wish I was happy...but seriously, this song is so good and all positive vibes comes from it. I heard it on a movie (can't remember which one) and it gave me good feeling it is!
  8. Love runs out: have I ever said One Republic are my favorite band in the world? I say it now. Because they are. This song is just a good testament of their music: empowering, universal and so damn good.
  9. Empty bed: this is really new. This band is on the Italian X-Factor right now. But they had an EP out before auditioning and this song is from there. The English pronunciation have to be revised but I absolutely adore this song. 
  10. The storm: this song is the soundtrack of my stretching. This is a little morbid but so epic. Is it classic music? Maybe a bit but with something else. Listen and judge. It's good for meditation!
What's your favorite tune from my playlist? Share it in the comments!

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  1. won't say no to that !!!! great !!!

  2. I love Ed Sheeran! Great list you made here! I''m gonna follow you on spotify too :)

    xxx Ilse



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