November 22, 2015

NBL - 22: What's in my bag?

When it comes to bags, I'm a really loyal owner. If I find a bag I like and it's functional to my lifestyle (crossbody, roomy but compact, with compartments and pockets, real leather, minimal but cute), I can wear it non-stop for years. To prove this, I can link you to my last what's in my bag of several months ago HERE. The bag is still the same, the Kate Spade satchel you can buy on Amazon or at Saks or on Ebay (it's sold out everywhere else!). But let's dig into my Mary Poppins bag!

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  1. carinissima quella pochette victoria's secret *-*


  2. Nice bag! I love your photography in this post, and how much effort you put into finding all the links to the products!! Really enjoyed reading it! :)

    xx Ilse |



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