December 8, 2015

The heels you need for the Holidays

You know me, shoes and I are living a longtime perfectly happy relationship. Everytime I feel bad, only a new pair of shoes can cheer me up (not only that, but whatever!), also Paolo Nutini says so. And when a hot talented dude says it in a song it has to be true. 
In today's post we'll go through all the fabulous heels I have in my Asos wishlist to impress during these Holidays. 

1. Asos Heartbreak Hotel Lace-up Heeled Sandals aka The Little Black Shoe: black works good on heels as it does on little dresses. These shoe are the testament of all this year's heel trend: laces, high stiletto heels and strappy sandals. I adore these shoes that I find perfect all year round (and not just during Holidays).

2. Glamorous Red Ghillie Heeled Pom Pom Sandals aka Lady Christmas: red + furry pompoms? These heels are perfect for Christmas. They sligthly remind me of the gorgeous Aquazzurra sandals Olivia Palermo is always rocking. They're girly and fun. Plus they're really economic!

3. ASOS PRINCIPAL Lace Up Pointed Heels aka The Fairytale shoes: I like laces, I know. But these marvelous heels have an encrusted heel full of glitzy pearls and sequins creating flowers in the back of the shoe. Imaging walking in a room with these babies on. You will be the Princess of the party.

4. ASOS PIXIE Pointed High Heels aka Look at me!: there's nothing I love more than glitter from November 30th to January 7th. I have another pair of Pixie heels and they're so nice and feminine. They look really good on. And the silver glitter...I think they somehow remind me of Cinderella. Don't lose your shoe at careful!

Which are your favorite ones? Let me know in the comments. And if you have more to share...come join the party!
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