February 9, 2016

A necklace to keep

I know Anna Saccone from when she was “just” TheStyleDiet. We’ve been chatting and swapping makeup goodies for a while and let me say: she’s as nice and down to earth now as she was then.
She now has (along with her hubby Jonathan, her daughter Emilia and her son Eduardo) one of the most successful vlogging channels on Youtube and it’s totally deserved. The SacconeJoly’s are the best. I watch them on a daily basis and they never fail on entertaining (I mean, they have the cutest and smartest kids ever appeared on camera!).
A few months back Anna announced a collaboration with Stilnest for some jewelry and I was really excited. As you may know, I absolutely love jewelry and it’s always part of my look.
Here’s the story behind the pieces she made with Stilnest as told by Anna:
“Unfortunately I can’t tell you where it’s from because it belonged to my dad before me and I inherited it from him. He was a Scorpio too, I was actually born the day before his birthday… I was his birthday present!” 

As a 100% Italian, let me say that gold jewelry is part of our tradition. I’m sure 99% of Italians would tell you they have at least one piece of real gold jewelry gifted to them for a special occasion by some family member. In Italy we say “ti regalo qualcosa che ti rimane” which can be translated as “I give you something you can keep forever”. It’s an old fashioned tradition but I think it’s really romantic.

When I saw the beautiful delicate and dainty Zodiac necklace inspired by Anna’s dad, I felt in love and I knew I’d buy it.
The necklace comes with all Zodiac signs and 3 different versions: silver, gold and rose gold. All necklaces are made of real 925 silver and they slightly change in price depending on the finish. They’re not H&M prices but I’m used to good quality jewelry (Fashionology and RegalRose are my favorite jewelry shops, but I’ll talk about this in another post) and I personally don’t mind spending on jewelry I can wear for years everyday without worrying of turning into Hulk.
There’s 3 lengths (45, 60 or 80 cm) for the necklace itself that is made out of a really delicate chain. I went for the medium length because I wanted to be able to layer it with other pieces (as you may see in the shameless selfie I paired with my everyday gold necklace I got when I was born).
Each Zodiac sign is represented in the medal (which has a 2 cm diameter) along with 2 stars and the symbol), mine is Cancer. The base of the medal is brushed and mat while the sign and symbols are shiny.

The necklace comes in about 2 weeks (each piece is made by order) in a lovely black box along with a card with a sweet photo of Anna and her dad.

My judgement is absolutely positive and not because I know Anna but because the piece is exquisite (I got so many compliments on it!). Also my mom wanted one with her sign so now we're necklace twinsies!

Do you like my Zodiac necklace? Let me know about your latest jewelry purchases in the comments!

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  1. Davvero bellissima questa collana! *-*
    Adoro questo genere di gioiello, è qualcosa che parla di te, del tuo modo di essere!
    Un bacione :*

  2. This is so cute, I love the meaning and story behind the piece - just stunning!

    Holly | www.thekittyluxe.com



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