February 1, 2016

How to look pretty everyday!

You know how much I love makeup. I have a drawer full of products and browsing on Sephora website is a huge temptation for my wallet.
However, I was able to pack all my face makeup in one single magnetic palette. Wendy from BeautyAddict inspired me to show you my very own everyday face palette.
I owned a small Z Palette before but it was really butchered due to continuos use for several years.
A few months ago I bought a new bigger magnetic palette from Mulac (warning: this is not a sponsored post - unfortunately - I just truly adore Mulac), an Italian brand owned by one of the most famous Italian Youtuber, LaCindina.

This palette contains all I need to do my makeup, every day and every night. Let’s see more in detail what’s inside. From left to right, here’s the gems:
- Mulac “Gleam” cream highlighter: a creamy and subtle highlighter. It looks like AB on your skin
- Mulac “Artemide” cream bronzer: this is really pigmented and really dark. I use a tiny bit as a base for powder
- Mulac “Flare” cream highlighter: this is my favorite highlighter. Slightly goldish, really luminous.
- Fashionista blush: I saw Kylie Jenner using a mauve blush once and I have to say it looks really good if you do a bit of highlighting/contouring
- Mulac “Royal Addicted”: a really luminous eyeshadow. This one is not as good as the others in terms of consistency and ease of use. It’s a bit “patchy”
- Mulac “Burn Addicted”: this color is stunning on green or hazel eyes. I use a tiny bit of it under my eyeliner to intensify the eyes
- Mulac “Toast Addicted”: a really interesting orange nude. I would say it reminds me of classic Sophia Loren eye makeup
- Mulac “Ink Addicted”: one of the best black eyeshadows ever owned. I use it as liner or base for liquid eyeliner. Really really pigmented
- Mulac “Morfeo” powder bronzer: this is the darkest of the two I have and it’s my favorite. Super mat and not orange on the skin
- Mulac “Ipno” powder bronzer: the lightest they have. It’s amazing for super fair skin.
- Urban Decay “Naked”: possibly my most used eyeshadow ever. I use it every single day as a base for my liner
- SMH “bee's knees”: this shadows are super pigmented and creamy. I rarely use this color but it's a really pretty touch of light
- SMH “Icon”: the perfect medium brown mat. I use it as base for the liquid liner when I want a softer look
- SMH “champagne”. a perfect dupe for MAC Shroom. i use this also as face highlighter sometimes

As you can see, I severely hit pan on a lot of products. Don't worry, I have backups ready in my drawers!

And that is all, my friends.
What’s on your face everyday? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. First off, I'm so happy that you created your own go-to palette. They're so useful, especially if you're in a rush or not feeling particularly inspired that day. Seeing this post made me very happy :) Also, I've never heard of Mulac before your post, but those cream highlighters are calling my name! Great post lovely! Would love to see you do a full face with all of these products :) xo

    Wendy | XOBeautyAddict.com

    1. Great idea! Those cream highlighters are amazing! Price is not bad at all, I think they ship worldwide!



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